Linkam Optical Imaging Station


Linkam’s new optical imaging station offers an economical, user-friendly alternative to the standard upright microscope. A great instrument to easily perform your Linkam thermal experiments. Also perfect for classroom and courtroom settings where projected images are necessary.

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With the design of standard upright microscopes, sample access has been relatively inconvenient. The objective lens is very close to the stage and therefore loading and unloading samples can be difficult.
With the advent of the CSS450 and now the TST350 optical tensile stage, sample loading while the stage is on the microscope, is impractical.

With the imaging station, the optics are located above the sample, but are mounted in a retractable arm that allows completely unrestricted access to the sample.

Up to two standard high resolution microscope objectives (from any manufacturer) can be mounted in a rocker mechanism so that either lens can be quickly and easily selected.

A long working distance condenser with 10X phase ring and polarizer is mounted above an adjustable diaphragm in the base.

A 100W standard microsocpe light source is used and kohler illumination after an initial simple setup can be left for future work.

The camera is mounted on a standard C-mount fixture and no lens is required to fit the maximum field of view onto the 1/2″ CCD.


Imaging station mainframe
C-mount fitting
Long working distance condenser
100W light source with halogen bulb
Power supply with variable light intensity adjusment

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Bright Field
Polarized Light
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