Linkam PE120 Peltier Heating and Freezing Stage


Linkam’s PE120 Peltier stages are easy-to-use thermoelectrically cooled devices. They are ideally suited to basic temperature control application and do not require liquid nitrogen to cool below ambient temperatures.

Systems include a PE120 stage, a T96-P LinkPad controller which allows fast and accurate temperature programming via touch screen control, and an WCP water circulator. They are also compatible with our optional LINK software, adding features such as data logging, graphing, data export options and modules for adding further capability, including imaging and image analysis.

This stage is compatible with Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss general purpose upright and inverted microscopes.


Ohio State University researchers led by Prof Xiaoguang (William) Wang, Ph.D. used a Linkam PE120 Peltier hot stage in the development of a prototype sensor for a LC-based diagnostic kit and smartphone-based app to enable automatic detection of SARS-CoV-2 ssRNA, the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the study.

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The PE120 stage is a simple to use thermoelectrically cooled stage that accurately controls the temperature of microscope slides to +/-0.1C from -25 to 120°C. As a low cost turn key temperature controlled system this stage is ideally suited to basic temperature application work.

The new PE95-LinkPad temperature controller with LCD touch screen control is used to quickly program a temperature profile by simply tapping the onscreen controls.

Upgrading the system by adding the intuitive LINK temperature control software enables full PC programming of the temperature, including features such as multiple temperature ramp profiles, real time temperature graphing and data export.

The system comes as a simple turn key solution easily operated with little or no experience with temperature controlled stages

Sample area 35 x 32mm
5mm aperture
Heating/Cooling rate 0.1 to 20°C/min
Temperature Range -25°C to 120°C
Control and Stability +/- 0.1°C
Pt100 temperature sensor
Minimum objective working distance 0.1mm
Minimum condenser working distance 5mm
Stage size 115 x 76mm
Contrast Methods
Bright Field
Polarized Light
Product Applications

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