Linkam TS1400XY


The TS1400XY is a fantastic new high temperature stage with a temperature range from ambient to 1400°C with XY sample manipulation.

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Dr. Mahesh Anand is using Linkam’s TS1400XY stage to study moon rocks sourced from lunar volcanoes at The Open University in England. Dr. Anand and Dr. Alice Stephant are planning to analyze water and hydrogen isotope composition of water trapped in tiny inclusions of melt (called melt inclusions, or MI) in the moon rocks. Read the full article.

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The TS1400XY stage has been designed specifically for geologists and metallurgists. It offers a high-speed quench cooling feature to enable the user to quickly transfer the sample to a cold quenching post. Cooling rates of up to 240°C per second can be achieved. The ceramic heater surrounds the sample keeping the heat localised to the sample.

The stage is controlled by Linkam’s temperature controller and delivers a temperature range from ambient to 1400°C within a gas tight body and can heat samples at a rate of up to 200°C/min. The sample is mounted onto a sapphire sample slide and can be manipulated within the ceramic heater by 6mm in the X and Y axis.

Temperature Range ambient to 1400 °C
Heating rates from 1 to 200°C/min
Temperature stability 1°C
Type S Pt-10% Rh/Pt thermocouple
Max Sample sizes: 5x5mm 0.5mm thick
6mm XY sample manipulation
Objective lens minimum working distance: 6mm
Condenser minimum working distance: 12.5mm
Light aperture: 1.7mm for accurate sample temperature
Suitable for transmitted and reflected light
Gas tight chamber for atmospheric control
Clamps directly to microscope substage
Water cooling connections for stage lid and body
Low mass for fast response in both heating and cooling
Selection of different window materials and thicknesses available
Contrast Methods
Bright Field
Phase Contrast
Polarized Light
Product Applications
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Watch a brief video demonstration.

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