Linkam Warm Stage Controller-WSC96


The WSC96 stage controllers are extremely simple and intuitive—set the temperature, then press heat.

One of the powerful features of the new WSC96 controller is data logging. Temperature data of the stage can be recorded by the WSC96 controller and then downloaded to a PC for review and saving. Four sampling rates are available:

  • 5 samples per second,
  • 1 sample per second,
  • 4 samples per minute, and
  • 1 sample per minute.

Data is recorded together with the serial numbers of the stage and then can be downloaded onto a computer using the WSC96 software application to preserve traceability. The data can viewed as a graph within the WSC96 software and annotated by the user to indicate points of interest or copied and pasted into a report. The data can also be read into Excel for further analysis.

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