Linkam WS37 ITO Glass Warm Plate


Linkam’s WS37 ITO glass warm plate is an innovative answer to a gap in the andrology market for validated control and efficiency. By using a specifically designed thermal liquid crystal slide, accurate to 0.1°C, displayed temperature can be quickly verified optically by colour change.

  • Simple quality
  • Repeatable results
  • The WS37 has it under control
    • Thin 0.5mm plate for improved image quality
    • Sensor accuracy- +/- 0.16°C
    • Alarm function for system confidence and improved workflow efficiency
    • Interactive touchscreen controller for easy and quick use
    • Dual control: one controller can power two warm plates
    • Data logging software for improved sample quality control
    • LC validation kit provides system confidence and repeatability

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Linkam WS37 Andrology


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