Medium Duty Boomstand


The SMS6B stand was designed for people who are using the smaller stereo microscopes for inspection work and want a boom stand that gives smoother horizontal arm movement than our SMS15/16 stands and is less expensive than our heavy-duty SMS20 boom stand.


Combining the best of both worlds, the SMS6B , like the SMS20, has a ball bearing supported dual shaft horizontal arm that allows it to move smoothly with none of the “slip-stick” that is common with bushing supported horizontal arms. Ball bearing guides are used on both shafts for extra smooth operation. Like the SMS15/16, the SMS6B needs no adapter if your microscope focus mount has the industry standard 5/8″ “Bonder Mount”.

The 5/8″ diameter dowel on a “Bonder Mount” fits into a vertical socket in the end of the horizontal arm. A lever knob adjusts a friction collar that traps the bonder dowel and allows the microscope to rotate around a vertical axis. This allows the microscope to be aligned with the users eyes when repositioned.

Tilting and non-tilting adapters are available for microscopes that do not have the 5/8″ diameter microscope mounting dowel.

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