Nikon Digital Sight 10 Microscope Camera

The Nikon Digital Sight 10 boasts the largest sensor of any major color microscope camera on the market!

  • A full-frame FX CMOS image sensor, well characterized by Nikon, for instantaneous one-shot image capture of wide areas
  • A possible 25 mm field of view (FOV) matches Nikon inverted and upright microscopes, enabling the widest capture areas in the industry
  • Tiled images can be created efficiently, cutting the time required for screening

Equipped with CMOS sensor technologies perfected in Nikon’s DSLR cameras, the Nikon FX format CMOS image sensor enables instantaneous capture of images in high definition and at high speed, allowing 6K imaging resolution and a high frame rate for fast focusing on high-definition images. New IR-cut filter changing options also enable color documentation of fluorescence samples into the far red and nIR if desired.

Extra sharp high resolution observation

  • Easily capture fine details with 6k imaging in high quality
  • Microscopic images can be captured at up to 6000 x 3984 pixels (23.9 megapixels), ideal for image analysis and observation of fine structures, ~50% more than previous FX sensor models
  • 5.97 μm across a huge 43 μm diagonal sensor allows for excellent pixel densities when used with a magnification coupler, or highly sensitive pixels across a truly huge FOV with a 1x coupler. Requires an F-mount to accommodate this size

Finally, a truly fast live display during typical use

  • High resolution previously meant low speeds, but the Digital Sight 10 displays the full 6000 x 3984 (23.9-megapixel) at 9 frames per second (future ready for that 6k or 8k monitor) or typical live HD viewing in 1920 x 1080 mode at 66 frames per second
  • USB3.2 Gen 2 interface enables speeds around 1.8x conventional models. Backwards compatibility with USB3.2 Gen 1
  • By using the ROI mode, it is possible to increase speeds even more in specific regions

Nikon Digital Sight 10 Microscope Camera panel

High fidelity means excellent sensitivity, low noise, and superior color reproduction

  • Default ISO 200 equivalent (up to 32000) and low dark current for clean images with shorter exposure times
  • Unique pixel average mode speeds up the live frame rate while providing up to an effective 9x averaging in real time resulting in very low noise images while maintaining good resolution
  • 12/14-bit analog to digital conversion with output available in 3×8-bit or 3×10-bit for color, 12-bit for simulated monochrome


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