Nikon Eclipse MA100


The ECLIPSE MA100 is a compact-size inverted microscope. It was developed for brightfield observation and simple polarizing observation. Thanks to its compact, durable design and simple operation in addition to its high-contrast observation and image capture, it is excellent for metallographic and electronic components as well as use at production sites in the materials fields and quality control departments.

The LED illumination type MA100L is also available.

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Halogen illuminator

MA100 is equipped with a high-intensity 6V30W halogen lamp that provides images with natural colors by regulating brightness.

Top-of-the-line CFI60-2 objectives
CFI60-2 objectives have evolved from the CFI60, recognized for its high NA and long working distance, and now offer the longest working distance and optimum chromatic aberration correction in a body that is lighter than ever. Up to five objective lenses can be mounted.

Polarizer/ Analyzer
Simple polarization observation with a single-action polarizer/analyzer mechanism
This device makes simple polarizing observation possible, which is effective for samples such as polymer materials. It takes just a single action to engage the polarizer and analyzer in the light path. The polarizer can rotate 360° degrees, allowing users to set a polarization direction suited to the sample being observed.

The dedicated MA-SR Rectangular Stage boasts superior durability and stable control even with heavy samples
MA-SR’s three-plate structure gives the microscope stable control and superior durability and enables observation of heavy samples, including embedded samples that are still mounted on a grinder’s holder.

Aperture Diaphragm
Comes standard with a condenser

The illuminator comes with a condenser that enables users to control image contrast and depth of field of the sample.



CFI60 /CFI60-2 system

Observation image:

Reversed image

Observation method: Brightfield and polarization (with MA P/A simple polarizer/analyzer set)


Focusing nosepiece (fixed stage), coaxial coarse/fine adjustment knob with 8.5-mm stroke
(Coarse adjustment of 37.7mm per turn, fine adjustment of 0.2mm per turn)


Brightfield 5-position nosepiece


MA-SR Rectangular 3-plate Stage
50 x 50 mm stroke (includes two stage inserts (ø20mm and 40mm opening) and coaxial control handle on the right side
The 3-plate design allows entire top surface to move. Optional Stage inserts: MA-SRSH1
Specimen Holder 1 with (ø15mm opening or MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 with 2mm to 32mm adjustable opening

MA-SP Plane Stage
170 x 230mm – Includes two stage inserts (1) clear acrylic stage insert with ø30mm opening, (2) clear acrylic stage insert with crescent opening (width 30mm) to allow clearance for rotation of high magnification objectives
Optional stage inserts: MA-SRSH1 Specimen Holder 1 with 15mm opening or MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 with 2mm to 32mm adjustable opening
Accepts Attachable Mechanical Stage

TI-SM Mechanical Stage CH
Attachable Mechanical Stage CH 126mm x 80mm stroke, handle can be attached on the right or left side of the plain stage Optional Specimen Holders to fit Attachable Mechanical stage:
MA-SH1 Specimen Holder 1 (ø15mm opening)
MA-SH2 Specimen Holder 2 ( ø30mm opening)
C-HU Universal Holder (30mm to 65mm adjustable opening)


Internal power supply 6V30W Halogen Lamp (long-life type)
Condenser built-in (lever operated)
ø25mm filter (includes NCB11 and ND4) can be inserted

Binocular body:

Built-in Siedentopf binocular, 45 inclination angle and 50 to 75-mm interpupillary adjustment

Maximum power consumption:

42 W (nominal value)


230 x 664 x 381 mm (W x D x H)


8.4 kg

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