Nikon V20B Profile Projector


With improved image brightness and resolution, the V-20B Profile Projector delivers images with excellent clarity, while enabling observation in a comfortable posture. It features a large effective screen diameter of 500mm and includes a built-in digital counter and digital protractor.

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Built-in Digital Counter and Protractor

The V-20B comes standard with a built-in digital counter and protractor, making this one of Nikon’s most advanced comparators.

5 Types of Projection Lenses

Five types of projection lenses are available for the V-20B, 5x field of view 100mm, 10x field of view 50mm, 20x field of view 25mm, 50x field of view 10mm, 100x field of view 5mm.

Workpieces Up To 20kg Measurable

The stage up/down movement unit is rigidly built, and if the 10 x 6 stage is used, workpieces as heavy as 20kg can be loaded. The measurable range has been increased to 250 x 150 mm.

Parfocal Projection Lenses

All projection lenses have the same parfocal distance and feature long working distances. The built-in half mirror eliminates the need to adjust illumination each time the magnifcation is changed. With improved image brightness and resolution, the V-20B delivers images with excellent quality, while enabling observation in a comfortable posture by rectifying the eye-point height.

Designed to Measure Heavy Workpieces

The stage up/down focusing and the 10×6 stage are designed to handle the load of workpieces as heavy as 20kg while maintaining measuring accuracy tolerances.


Vertical optical axis

Magnification Accuracy:

±0.1% in contour illumination, ±0.15% in surface illumination

Power Input:

110 VAC, 220 VAC

Max. Specimen Height:

150mm (5.9 in)

Light Source:

24V-150W halogen lamp

Lens Mount:

3-Lens turret mount


500mm (19.7 in) diameter, protractor screen, inclined 8°

Dimensions (WxDxH) and weight (approx.):

570 x 1200 x 1900mm (22.4 x 47.2 x 74.8 in); 260 kg (573 lb)

Projection Lenses:

5x, 10x, 20x, 50x & 100x


8×6, 6×4, 4×4, O3L, 2×2


Inverted and reversed

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