Nikon XTV160


XT V 160 NF is a high-precision, flat-panel based X-ray inspection system that facilitates real-time imaging and defect analysis of next-generation wafer-level, semiconductor device and PCBA applications. Equipped with an in-house designed X-ray NanoFocus source and high precision manipulator, this industry-leading inspection system offers unrivalled feature recognition compared to any product available on the market today. As such, the XT V 160 NF is indispensable for any electronics development and production environment.

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3D analysis

The 3D analysis option on the XT V 160 NF is based on laminography reconstruction techniques, providing sub-micron defect recognition. It provides a method of inspecting a region of interest which can be challenging to inspect with 2D radiography, such as 3D stack dies or  BGA pad cracks.  From the 3D model it is possible to view any plane of a sample from any direction without the need to isolate or cut the interest area.


The continued demand for high performance electronics is driving packaging technology towards tighter density, higher IO capabilities and most importantly reduced footprint.

Modern X-ray inspection systems must provide the highest magnification, sharpest imaging and uncompromised accuracy.

•Through Silicon Via (TSV) filling and voids

•Cu-Pillar, micro-bump cold joint detection and void analysis

•BGA voids, size measurements, cold joint and head-in-pillow detection

•Ultra-fine pitch bond wire analysis: ball bond, broken wire, wire sweep, stitch bond

•QFN/QFP inspection including automated pad void array analysis

•3D stack die and Pack-on-Package (POP)

•MEMS applications with narrow density variations

•Complete automated wafer inspection for micro-bump metrology

Key benefits

•<0.1 μm feature recognition up to 6 W power

•High precision manipulator with vibration reduction

•3 Mpixel flat panel for ultra high definition

•Large tray to load multiple components and boards as well as 450 mm wafer ready

•Productivity increase by automation and instant reporting

kV range

30-160 kV

Max. beam current

600 μA

Max. tube power

20 W

Min. feature recognition

<0.1 μm up to 6W tube power

Geometric magnification

up to 2,400x


3Mpixel (1,944 x 1,536 pixels)

75 μm pixel size

26 fps update rate

Max. inspection area

510 × 510 mm

Max. board size

580 × 580 mm

Max. tilt angle


Cabinet size

W: 1,819 mm (excl. operator console)

H: 1,998 mm

D: 1,728 mm

Vibration isolation

Anti-vibration mounts (standard)


Single 30” or dual 22” display

X-ray safety

1 μSv/hr (to IRR 99)

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