Olympus BX-51P Polarized Light Microscope – USED


We have five used Olympus BX-51P microscopes available for sale. These microscopes were used in our classrooms, and have been regularly maintained. All five have trinocular heads and c-mount camera couplers.

BX microscopes, ideal for researchers and clinicians, are equipped with UIS2 Optical System. The UIS2 minimizes image distortion and increases image quality. With the standard UIS2 optics system, there is no compromise when adding intermediate attachments within the viewing path.

The Olympus BX-51P is designed to be used for light transmitting particle identification. The 12V/100W light source produces crisp and clear images of the specimen.

The modular design of the BX-51 allows researchers to fully expand the design as their needs grow. This ensures a flexible and modular configuration even for high-end research applications.

Please see additional used accessories including phase contrast and universal condensers (for DIC), mechanical stages, fluorescence mercury burners and lamphouses, and more.

Please speak with a Technical Representative to discuss specific features.

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Various configurations are available on our USED instruments. Please speak with a Technical Representative to discuss specific features.

General Features of the BX-51:

  • Bright 12V/100W halogen illumination source is ideal for transmitted light viewing
  • The frame has two built-in neutral density filters (ND6, ND25), one daylight balancing filter, and one empty slot for an optional filter-fluorescence illuminator optional
  • A light intensity, preset switch ensures reproducible lighting for photomicrography
  • Ergonomic Y-shaped frame for maximum stability and comfort, with low position focus control knobs located on both the left and right sides of the frame
  • Modular design and infinity optics system allows easy attachment of accessories without any compromise in image
  • Large 22mm field of view reduces scanning time (a superwide trinocular head and eyepiece combination with a 26.5mm field of view is available as an option)
  • UIS2 optics deliver bright, sharp, high-contrast images

Download the manual for the Olympus BX-51.

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