Olympus SZX16 Zoom Stereo Microscope


The new SZX16 is designed for advanced research and has a maximum numerical aperture of 0.30, producing a resolution of 900 line pairs per millimeter. The SZX16 provides the largest zoom ratio of any stereo currently (April 2006) on the market 16.4:1. With this zoom ratio combined with a series of parfocal objectives (0.5x,1x,1.6x & 2x) the SZX16 can take you from macro to micro viewing.

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The Olympus SZX16 offers a maximum numerical aperture (NA) of 0.3, producing a superior resolution of 900 line pairs per millimeter. This enhances the flexibility of the range, allowing the clear visualization of fine microscopic structures such as biological cell components. With such amazing resolution (and peerless magnification) you can make your work more efficient, more precise and gain much more information from your samples.

The Olympus SZX2 range features the unique Olympus LED base system enabling fine control of transmitted illumination for bright and even images. With the ultra-slim 40 mm base, the SZX2 range has the most ergonomic stage height available. Moreover, a turret cassette enables the easy selection and control of brightfield, darkfield and oblique illumination. The long-life LEDs do not heat the stage or sample, greatly enhancing the flexibility for both research and advanced routine life science and material stereo microscopy.

Most stereo microscopes use mirrors to create oblique illumination, which can lead to uneven and inconsistent contrast in the field of view. The SZX2 LED illumination system uses a fine shutter system of thin lamellae to produce ultra-precise and completely even oblique illumination. With this unique system, transparent samples can be seen with the same contrast across the entire field of view.

With the largest seamless zoom ratio combined with the most comprehensive range of parfocal objectives (0.5x, 1.0x, 1.6x & 2.0x), the SZX16 can take you from a macro-view to a micro-view.

The advanced Olympus Comfort View eyepieces on the SZX2 stereo microscopes enable a significantly larger range of eye movement for viewing the 3D image, making both short and long term use much more comfortable. This also makes it easier to form the stereo image, resulting in reduced occurrence of eyestrain.

Olympus believes that ergonomy is not an add-on and therefore each microscope is designed with the user in mind. As a result, all controls are easy to use and features like ComfortView and the low stage height, greatly reduce sources of stress. Olympus can even provide an observation tube capable of adjustment between 5° and 45° (to the horizontal), for situations where the stereo microscope is used at many different heights.

With the SZX2 range being so versatile, you will want to document or show live digital views of your sample. By fitting the SZX2 stereos with a trinocular head and moving the objective in the axial imaging pathway provides a perpendicular view of the sample. Attaching the Olympus DP71 cooled digital camera produces a very flexible imaging station. This is designed for high resolution documentation (up to 12.5 mega pixels) as well as high-speed imaging for live views in both color and monochrome. The advanced interface enables excellent color reproduction and no visible color shifts during sample movement.

Zoom ratio: 16.4 (0.7x to 11.5x)

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