Techniquip Fiber Optic Ring Lights


Fiber optic ring lights consist of two main components: the fiber optic assembly and the fiber optic illuminator. However, since fiber optic illuminators can accept a range of fiber optic assemblies, microscopists wanting more than one lighting solution can buy a single fiber optic illuminator, but outfit it with several different options for different uses.

The light generated by a fiber optic ring light is generally quite directed (unlike fluorescent ring lights), and very similar to common LED ring lights.

Criteria for selecting Fiber Optic Ring Lights

Select for Size

Fiber optic ring lights come in different sizes, designed to fit different lenses/objectives. Make sure you select a size that fits—if it is too small, it will not be optimal.

Select for Working Distance

Fiber optic ring lights are optimized for a certain range of working distances depending upon viewing areas, so use care to select one that works well with your microscope or lens. Our technical sales representatives are happy to help you determine which lights will best suit your needs.

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