Timegate PicoRaman

The PicoRaman spectrometer broadens the application areas of Raman spectroscopy by drastically reducing fluorescence interference. This instrument uses patented time-gating technology to make the most out of Raman spectroscopy; it is the only commercial Raman spectrometer capable of time-resolved measurements.

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PicoRaman provides data on Raman scattering, and also delivers time-resolved information on fluorescence emission decay.

PicoRaman consists of a spectrometer, laser, sampling optics, PC with NI I/O card, and software. This compact instrument fits on a laboratory table, and is easy to transport to a sample collection site.


The Achilles’ heel of conventional Raman technology is photoluminescence (including fluorescence and phosphorescence) interference. Photoluminescence is a competing phenomenon with Raman scattering and it can overlap or “swamp” Raman signals making the identification and quantification of materials impossible. With the new Timegated® technology, we can now achieve real fluorescence suppression and redefine the ways Raman spectroscopy is exploited.

graph comparing time-gated and conventional raman

Timegated® Raman technology offers several advantages over conventional Raman spectrometers and opens up enormous potential for its use in different application areas.

Key advantages:

  • Real fluorescence suppression
  • Time-resolved fluorescence information
  • Effective removal of ambient light and thermal emission interference

Learn how time-gated Raman spectroscopy was used for rapid milk analysis.


Timegate Instruments’ patented breakthrough innovation is an affordable electrical gating solution using pulsed picosecond range lasers and new CMOS-SPAD (Single Photon Avalanche Diode) array detectors.

The picosecond range laser excitation source and a time-gated single photon counting array detector create a totally new type of spectrometer which is able to acquire Raman spectra with real fluorescence suppression. The system rejects the fluorescence interference (which has a longer average delay) while capturing the instantaneous Raman scattering signal. It also enables the acquisition of time-resolved fluorescence spectra by sequentially sampling the emission pulses at different temporal positions. This approach simultaneously opens two windows for material characterization and provides valuable new information in several different application fields.

graph comparing time-gated and conventional raman

Timegate’s SampleCube and Raman Microprobe were designed to be used with the PicoRaman.

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