Timegate ProbePro Mini

Timegated® PicoRaman M3 spectrometers can now be connected to bioreactors for in-situ, real-time analysis to follow composition and changes in a cell culture media. ProbePro Mini product family supports a wide range of industrial process interfaces where non-contact probes or immersion probes are employed.

ProbePro Mini Life Science solutions as process analytical technology (PAT) components connect our revolutionary time-gated Raman spectrometers to bioreactors aiding in reproducibility. It allows easy and continuous measuring of key process parameters via an optical interface. It improves safety, yield and automation level of bioprocesses and enables real-time adaptation of processes.

The ProbePro Mini solution has been developed to be compatible with SCHOTT ViewPort® spectrometer interfaces. The SCHOTT ViewPort® featuring a hermetically sealed optical window aids in maintaining the sterile boundary, a prerequisite for in-situ bioprocess monitoring. The use of the SCHOTT ViewPort® optical interface with the ProbePro Mini solution reduces the risk of contamination. Furthermore, SCHOTT offers a wide range of ViewPort® variants that can be integrated into bioreactors of varying sizes and types, from lab-scale to industrial-scale production. Maximum Immersion depth with SCHOTT ViewPort® PG13.5 is 313mm. In addition, SCHOTT ViewCell is designed for measuring small-volume liquid samples during the downstream process and can be easily installed alongside a chromatographic system.

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