Timegate ProbePro

Introducing the ProbePro product family for life sciences.

Time-gated Raman spectrometers can now be connected to bioreactors for in-situ, real time analysis to follow composition and changes in a cell culture media. ProbePro product family incorporates a wide range of industrial process interfaces where non-contact probes or immersion probes are employed.

ProbePro Life Science solutions as process analytical technology (PAT) components connect our revolutionary time-gated Raman spectrometers to bioreactors aiding in re-producibility. It allows easy and continuous measuring of key process parameters via an optical interface. It improves safety, yield and automation level of bioprocesses and enables real-time adaptation of processes.

The ProbePro solution has been developed to be compatible with SCHOTT ViewPort®. The SCHOTT ViewPort sensor interface featuring a hermetically sealed optical window aids in maintaining the sterile boundary, a prerequisite for in-situ bioprocess monitoring. The use of the SCHOTT ViewPort optical interface with the ProbePro solution reduces the risk of contamination. Furthermore, SCHOTT offers a wide range of ViewPort variants that can be integrated into bioreactors of varying sizes and types, from lab-scale to industrial-scale production.

  • Simple process interface solution for Raman measurement to collect the highly needed real-time data from complicated cell culture matrix
  • Easy to integrate to bioreactors with standard port diameters and flange sizes (InGold and PG13.5 ports available)
  • Hermetic solution and approved, sterilizable materials in the bioreactor interface using Schott Viewport integrators
  • Optimized probe design for PicoRaman M3 spectrometer for ideal collection efficiency


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