Failure Analysis

The root cause of many material failures often has a particulate basis. Examples include contaminants in the manufacturing process, heterogeneous distribution of alloying inclusions, environmental effects, and mechanical defects. Our staff scientists use state-of-the-art instruments and techniques to provide you reliable, confidential failure analysis results.


Optical Analysis

  • Particle Morphology
  • Relative Refractive Index Determination
  • Presence or Lack of Birefringence
  • Color Determination
  • Mechanical Artifacts

Chemical Analysis

  • Elemental Composition
  • Compositional Distribution
  • Crystal Structure
  • Classification of Organic Materials
  • Chemical Functional Group Determination

Common Failure-Related Problems

  • Metal Corrosion
  • Metal Impurities
  • Circuit Board Contact Failures
  • Glass Impurities
  • Hard Polymers Impurities
  • Can Coatings Defects
  • Welded Joints Flaws

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