Manufacturing Defect Services

Manufacturing defects caused by particles and thin films often cause performance deficiencies. Our staff scientists use state-of-the-art instruments for specialized microscopy and micro-analysis. Ask us for a confidential evaluation of your problem, followed by reliable analysis and consultation. If needed, we offer onsite investigation and coordination of additional services.

Analytical Services

  • Elemental Composition
  • Compositional Distribution
  • Chemical Compound Identification
  • Identification of Inorganic and Organic Materials
  • Product Comparisons
  • Metal Alloy Identification
  • Thickness Measurements of Metal Plating, Surface Treatments, Paints, Coatings

Common Samples

  • Surface stains on metals, glass, plastics, paint
  • Particle impurities on metals, glass, plastics, paint, pharmaceutical tablets
  • Electrical contacts with highly resistive connections
  • Failed adhesion/delamination
  • Scuffed, scratched, gouged samples
  • Particle inclusions in metals, glass, plastics
  • Premature fractures

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