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Anna S. Teetsov

Senior Cleanroom Microscopist |McCrone Associates
Instructor |Hooke College of Applied Sciences

Anna has retired after 60 years as a senior research microscopist at McCrone Associates; she joined us 1961. In addition to her international reputation for the development of special techniques for ultramicroscopical analysis of particles, over the past decades she has worked as an analyst on thousands of projects requiring the isolation and identification of submicrometer-sized contaminants. Anna, a co-author of the original Particle Atlas, has published widely in the area of particle manipulation techniques and was responsible for the development of the curriculum for the particle handling course.

Her special skills include the microscopical analysis of particles in micrometer and submicrometer size ranges; manipulation and mounting of particles for instrumental analysis; development of special techniques for ultramicroscopical analysis of particles. Anna has developed and taught particle isolation techniques for more than 19 years.

B.S., Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, 1958