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Charles A. Zona

Dean of Students |Hooke College of Applied Sciences
25+ Years of Experience

Charles A. Zona, dean of students for Hooke College of Applied Sciences, a member of The McCrone Group, is responsible for day-to-day operations, program development, and curriculum assessment. Chuck joined The McCrone Group in 1995, and for 11 years served as director of operations for McCrone Microscopes & Accessories. In 2003 he was appointed vice president of McCrone Associates. Chuck earned his BS and MS degrees in forensic sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His publications in scientific journals, magazine articles, and blog posts include a variety of topics, such as adult education, and the analysis of gunshot residue and organic paint pigments.

M.S., Forensic Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1991
B.S., Forensic Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, 1988

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