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Daniel E. Kile

Adjunct Instructor |Hooke College of Applied Sciences

Dan taught optical mineralogy at the U.S. Geological Survey from 1995–2003. Students included private consultants, and museum and government employees working in the fields of geology, paleontology, palynology, and archeology, as well as graduate students at the Colorado School of Mines. He was a faculty adjunct at the Colorado School of Mines in 2004, where he taught a full-semester class in optical mineralogy to students enrolled in the geology program. He has given numerous lectures on the subjects of mineralogy and optical mineralogy over the past 35+ years to local earth sciences groups, colleges, and at the U.S. Geological Survey.

He has an extensive publication record in the fields of mineralogy, geology, and environmental chemistry since 1984, with nearly 150 journal articles and abstracts published in peer-reviewed journals, including the American Mineralogist, Canadian Mineralogist, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Rocks & Minerals, and The Mineralogical Record. He wrote an extensive monograph on the evolution of the petrographic microscope, which was published by The Mineralogical Record in 2003. Dan was the editor (from 2002–2009) of the Journal of the Microscope Historical Society, an international publication on historical and applied aspects of light microscopy. Hie is presently scientist emeritus with the U.S. Geological Survey, and a research associate at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

B.A., Microbiology, Magna cum Laude, University of Minnesota, 1969
B.S., Chemistry, With Distinction, University of Minnesota, 1969