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Submit a Sample for Analysis

McCrone Associates is committed to providing excellent customer service and confidentially to all of our clients. In order to serve you best, we ask that you follow the instructions below when submitting samples to our laboratory for analysis.

  1. Please contact one of our scientists by phone (630-887-7100) or using our Analysis Request form. It is always best to contact one of our scientists prior to submitting any samples in order to discuss your needs and the goals of your project, estimates concerning cost and turn-around time, and any necessary service or confidentiality agreements.
  2. Complete a Sample Submission Form: Word docPDF
    When completed, package the form with your samples and submit it to the address below. In addition to including the completed sample submission form with your samples, you are welcome to send a letter of explanation, and/or e-mail the completed form to the scientist (project leader) handling your project, if known, prior to shipment.
    If your sample is a biotherapy, please submit a Sample Hazard Information Client Request Form.
    Controlled Substances: To submit DEA Schedule I and Schedule II controlled substances, please contact your project leader to receive a DEA-222 form prior to sample shipment.
  3. Package your samples
    Package and ship your samples in a manner to ensure their integrity is maintained and limit their degradation. Please include all of the following in your shipment:
    •  Completed Sample Submission Form: Word docPDF
    •  Safety Data Sheets (applicable to all samples)
    •  Proper hazard labeling and packaging (if necessary)
  4. Send your samples
    Samples should be shipped to the address below using a carrier of your choosing. You are responsible for all shipping costs and any special handling fees associated with shipping of samples and/or sample containers.
    McCrone Associates, Inc.
    850 Pasquinelli Drive
    Westmont, Illinois 60559
    Attn: [Name of Scientist/Project Leader]
  5. Notify Us
    Please notify the scientist (project leader) handling your project that your samples have been shipped.

    Sample Receiving:
     samples are received during normal business hours and will be logged on the same day. Please notify us if any special handling is required or special circumstances exist with your shipment.