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Maintenance and Availability of Learners Training Records

Hooke College of Applied Sciences maintains learner’s records into perpetuity. Records are maintained in an electronic database with the original paper files serving as backup.

The purpose of the policy is to document the participation and successful completion of the learners enrolled in Hooke College of Applied Sciences courses.

Implementation of the policy is the responsibility of the Dean, with the Registrar inputting the data and generating any requested reports from the data. The Registrar receives the course registrations and creates a course file identified by project number, course number and title, and dates the course was held. All pertinent information related to the individual student’s registration and participation in the course (attendance, evaluations, CEUs awarded, etc.), resides in the file. The Registrar also inputs similar data into an online database for student retrieval via their account established on this website. Fourteen days after the completion of each course, and after the data has been input into the computer, the paper course file is transferred to a holding file cabinet and stored for future information retrieval.

Official information and/or documentation regarding a student’s participation in any or all Hooke College of Applied Sciences courses and programs is available fourteen days after the completion of the course or program. The student can request release of this information to a third party by completing a “Release of Student Information Permission Form” (attached) and presenting it to Hooke College of Applied Sciences. Requests will be responded to within a seven day period.

This policy was last modified on: July 1, 2010.
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