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Microscopy College Releases Schedules (Plastics News)

Microscopy College Releases Schedules
Plastics News
October 27, 2008

The College of Microscopy doesn’t have a football beam, but McCrone Group Inc., a maker of high-powered microscopes, has announced its 2008 and 2009 course schedules.

McCrone Group, based in Westmont, Ill., runs the college in a 40,000-square-foot teaching facility with state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories and a 140-seat auditorium.

Some of the classes are predictable, like sample preparation and scanning electron microscopy. But others are designed for law enforcement — fiber identification and the microscopical identification of whitepowder unknowns, for example.

At the trade show, McCrone demonstrated a plastics application. A microscope was set up to view a cutaway sample of a seven-layer film, showing the composition of the film and layer thickness.