Linkam Announces Release of New NEXUS Software with Additional Analysis Modules

Linkam Scientific Instruments is excited to announce the release of their new stage control and analysis software, NEXUS. In addition to providing the ability to control temperature, NEXUS will offer an exciting range of optional modules including image capture, extended measurements, reporting, TASC (thermal analysis by surface characterization), 21 CFR Part 11, and a full software development kit. These features will allow researchers to apply additional investigations into their samples and monitor changes impacted by temperature, force, humidity, and vacuum, just to name a few.

Here are some of the useful features for the various modules:

  • NEXUS Image Capture Module makes it simple to automatically capture images at specified points during an experiment. Additional features include zoom and pan video, rewind and review while recording, and comparison of images from different data runs.
  • NEXUS Extended Measurement Module allows users to add annotations and precisely measure sample properties including distance, angle and area.
NEXUS Software Extended Measurements Module
NEXUS Software Extended Measurements Module
  • NEXUS Reporting Module automates the export of charts and images into a user customizable MS Word document, saving time while maintaining standardization of the reporting format.
  • NEXUS TASC Module enables the user to track and quantify and structural changes in a sample as it is heated or cooled. TASC has the unique ability to measure local transition temperatures, thereby enabling different points on a sample to be identified.
  • NEXUS 21 CFR Part 11 Module is valuable for any laboratory needing to follow this FDA regulation and manage microscopy images, measurements, or quality data from experimental results. This set of rules states the requirements for electronic signatures and records, and outlines the management of records in electronic quality management systems for life science, pharmaceutical science, and other FDA-regulated industries.
  • A NEXUS software development kit (SDK) allows for easy integration into 3rd party applications and is ideal for OEMs to integrate full stage control into their systems.

We’re proud to partner with Linkam, the longstanding worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of thermal/cryogenic stages and software used with microscopes and spectrometers. We are happy to run a demonstration for you—contact us today to learn more about this exciting new Linkam product.


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