View Through the Scope: Many Thanks to Our Customers

Forward by David A. Wiley, President and COO

As we celebrate the 65th anniversary of McCrone and the legacy of Donald A. Brooks, former Chairman and CEO, it seems fitting to recall these words written by Don at the time of our 45th anniversary. They are as true today as they were 20 years ago. Don’s leadership and vision provided for a great team of scientists and microscopists to continue serving our customers and solving materials problems with the best modern microscopy tools and techniques. Thank you Don and, indeed, many thanks to our customers!

From North America to South America and Europe to Asia, manufacturers and researchers alike are plagued by the age-old problem of materials contamination. Pure materials or their additives are crucial ingredients in most every product today. When a research project needs help or when a product coming off the production line fails, manufacturers and researchers turn to McCrone Associates for help. Whether the problems involved dopants, corrosion, color, material interactions, or the degradation of the materials themselves, McCrone Associates has successfully completed over 40,000 (currently, more than 68,000) unique projects since its inception in 1956. Our success is due to you, our clients.

As technology advances it places higher and more complex demands on materials analyses and, in turn, on our analytical capabilities. The McCrone Group has enjoyed the challenges and sincerely recognizes that you, our customer, are the reason we continue to be an industry leader. We appreciate your continued business and the trust you place in our company. We are committed to excellence in materials analysis and promise to continue providing the superior analyses services and the microscopy equipment that you deserve. Thank you.


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