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Joseph M. Rebstock named The McCrone Group “Employee of the Year”


WESTMONT, IL (June 26, 2008) – The McCrone Group Inc., internationally recognized as a world leader in microanalysis and the nation’s Premier Microscopy Resource, announces today that Joseph M. Rebstock, Senior Research Scientist, was named 2007 “Employee of the Year.” Rebstock is recognized for his blend of technical skills, leadership, and dedication to The McCrone Group’s success and for consistently exceeding both client and company performance expectations.

“We believe that The McCrone Group has the most loyal, engaged and skilled scientists and support team members in the entire field of microscopy” said Donald A. Brooks, President & CEO, The McCrone Group. “Joe represents the very best of the best in the materials analysis area. His energy, experience and ability to assume responsibility has made him an invaluable asset to The McCrone Group,” Brooks said.

“Joe exhibits the true “Employee of the Year” attributes of The McCrone Group and his superior performance epitomizes our high standards and commitment to excellence,” Brooks added.

Rebstock joined The McCrone Group in Westmont in 1996 and is responsible for supervising and performing identification of inorganic and organic particles and thin films. In addition he serves as a consultant in ultramicroanalysis and microscopy for clients ranging from government to pharmaceutical, electronics, paint, automotive, packaging and metals industries. He worked for McCrone from 1986 to 1993 in a Norcross, GA office.

From 1993 to 1996 he served as a Data Reporting Group Manager and Senior Data Reviewer for Radiochemistry/Nuclear Spectroscopy at EcoTek Laboratory Services, Inc. He also served the United State Air Force in several capacities including as Superintendent of an Applied Physics Laboratory, Microanalysis Supervisor and Lead Technician and Laboratory Chemistry/Measurement Technician.

Rebstock received United States Air Force Training in electronics, radio-chemistry, nuclear physics, geology and nuclear weapons orientation. He also studied chemical engineering and other studies at the University of Maryland, University of Alaska and American River College. He is a Radiation Safety Officer for The McCrone Group for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

Rebstock is also a member of the faculty at The McCrone Group’s new microscopy learning center, the College of Microscopy, in Westmont, Illinois. Rebstock resides in Naperville, Illinois.

The McCrone Group Employee of the Year program was established to recognize an employee who consistently performs well beyond a job description and unselfishly addresses client and team member needs.

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Founded in 1956 and located in Westmont, IL, The McCrone Group, Inc., is a world leader in materials analysis and is internationally recognized as the premier microscopy resource. The company is comprised of three business units: McCrone Associates, the analytical service division; McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the instrument sales division; and the College of Microscopy, the education division that provides training to industry and government scientists worldwide. For more information about The McCrone Group, please visit

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