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McCrone expanding to meet Rapidly Growing Microscopy Demands


WESTMONT, IL (February 23, 2006) – The McCrone Group Inc., internationally recognized as a world leader in microanalysis and the nation’s Premier Microscopy Resource, announced today a significant expansion of “The McCrone ATLAS of Microscopic Particles,” a comprehensive online particle reference resource, and its associated website.

“The McCrone ATLAS of Microscopic Particles,” is a comprehensive online particle reference resource available to Forensic Scientists, First Responders, Researchers, and Teachers on a subscription basis. McCrone’s ATLAS is designed as a reference tool to assist scientists in the identification of unknown particulate samples. This exclusive ATLAS is the first comprehensive web-based particle reference source for scientists, microscopists, and criminalists engaged in materials analysis and identification and for science educators to use in classroom learning.

The ATLAS now includes 846 historical characterizations from THE PARTICLE ATLAS Edition Two – Volumes Two and Five. There are now over 1,000 particle characterizations on the site. During the next several years additional characterizations and updates will be posted on a regular basis. The new expanded ATLAS site provides excellent detail for particle identification and it now permits several subscription options and payment methods.

Available at:, the ATLAS combines the knowledge of the world’s foremost particle analysts into one of the most wide-ranging reference tools ever developed for forensic scientists and others in the scientific community.

“For years we recognized that there was a critical need for an updated comprehensive reference source for scientists, microscopists, and criminalists engaged in materials analysis and identification,” said David A. Wiley, Vice President and Director of Information Technology at The McCrone Group. “We believed that if possible, the solution should take advantage of the Internet and have the flexibility for use in ways never achieved before. For example, in the past two years we have had numerous enquiries from teachers across the country to be able to use the ATLAS in their classrooms,” he said.

In 2005, The McCrone Group announced the release of “The McCrone ATLAS of Microscopic Particles” to meet the need for an updated comprehensive reference source. The initial release provided a diverse range of organic/inorganic materials including over 60 particle characterizations that encompass white powders, starches, minerals, metals, and many other materials.

The McCrone Group continues to welcome individual subscribers and has expanded its subscriptions with three new subscription types. Individual subscribers can choose between a six-month, yearly, and two-year subscription.

“As many corporate customers have expressed the desire to control the subscriptions purchased for a group of employees, The McCrone Group now offers a managed subscription,” Wiley said.

For example, a division or group leader can purchase any number of subscriptions for his or her group. The leader is setup on the ATLAS as the administrator/manager of the subscriptions and, using an account management tool on the site, can administer the subscriptions for the entire group. If an employee leaves the group, the leader can re-assign the subscription to another employee for use.

The McCrone Group is also offering an Open Subscription. A block of subscriptions can be purchased allowing access to the site using a single set of credentials. The credentials can be distributed to any number of employees, but only a certain number of users (dependant on the block size purchased) can be concurrently logged on to the site at any one time. McCrone will also offer the option of purchasing multiple subscriptions at one time using either a credit card or purchase order.

The ATLAS encompasses detailed particle characterizations developed by McCrone’s renowned team of scientists. The characterizations include detailed written descriptions along with micrographs and spectra from PLM, SEM, EDS, TEM, SIMS, XRD, FTIR, and RAMAN analysis. The characterizations are not limited to one or two photomicrographs as were the original hard-copy atlases, but on average each material characterization includes 20 photomicrographs and/or electron micrographs. Powerful search capabilities allow users to quickly locate particle characterizations of interest.

Additional features of the online ATLAS include printable particle characterizations for laboratory reporting, full-screen photomicrographs and electron micrographs, interactive spectrum display, particle characterization cross-linking, personalized sample libraries, an in-depth glossary of terms, and a column highlighting particles and additional microscopy techniques.

Prior to its release in 2005, the ATLAS was in development for nearly two years with special care to incorporate a moderated peer review process to ensure the accuracy of the published information.

About The McCrone Group
Founded in 1956 and located in Westmont, IL, The McCrone Group, Inc., is a world leader in materials analysis and is internationally recognized as the premier microscopy resource. The company is comprised of three business units: McCrone Associates, the analytical service division; McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the instrument sales division; and the College of Microscopy, the education division that provides training to industry and government scientists worldwide. For more information about The McCrone Group, please visit

McCrone Associates, the analytical service division, is focused on solving some of the most difficult materials analysis problems along with the day-to-day needs of forensic, pharmaceutical, materials, and environmental laboratories, scientific researchers, and government organizations worldwide.

McCrone Microscopes & Accessories, the instrument sales division, offers a complete line of microscopes and microscopy related instruments, reference standards, and resource books.

The College of Microscopy, the Group’s new Learning Center, provides training to both industry and government scientists worldwide. The staff of The McCrone Group has been teaching scientists and researchers for more than 40 years. Today The College of Microscopy offers more than 35 courses a year to the technical and educational community around the world.

The Atlas of Microscopic Particles (, the Group’s new online particle resource, is the first of its kind internet-based particle reference for scientists, microscopists, and criminalists engaged in the materials identification area.